Friday, August 19, 2011

John Williams Lets His Muses Carry Him Along

"It would be hard to live in America and not know some of John Williams’s music. After six decades of working in Hollywood, much of that time in collaboration with the director Steven Spielberg, he has produced an opus — 121 film scores, a symphony, a dozen concertos and other symphonic works — that would intimidate many composers. He has won five Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, five Emmys and 21 Grammys. He wrote the music for all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies and the first three Harry Potter films. He was the one who wrote the fearsome two-note motif from “Jaws,” and the famous five-note intergalactic message he composed for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” At 79, he is still going strong and recently finished scores for two more Spielberg movies, “The Adventures of Tin Tin” and “War Horse."

For the full story, please see New York Times.

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