Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four letters of Franz Liszt to Espérance von Schwartz

The Netherlands Music Institute is the proud owner of a small but interesting Liszt collection, containing music manuscripts, correspondence and other items. In order to make some of this easily accessible to Liszt scholars and Liszt enthusiasts, the NMI has launched a new web presentation:

Four letters of Franz Liszt to Espérance von Schwartz.

This contains four letters by Liszt to Baroness von Schwartz, an interesting personality who has received very little attention in the Liszt literature. Under the pen name Elpis Melena she had some fame as a writer, philanthropist, and as a political activist.

In this presentation the letters are reproduced as high resolution images, in transcription and translation, and accompanied by extensive commentary by musicologist Lodewijk Muns, NMI archivist and researcher.

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